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TensEazy eSense TB

TensEazy eSense TB

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The load measurement on standing rigging


A comprehensive range of load sensors for steel cables and running rigging.
Designed as replacements for existing turn screws in standing rigging .


- Quick and easy setup
- Logs on automatically to your smartphone or tablet via the provided TensEazy app
- Direct data transmission to all Ocean Data Systems PLC (TensEazy logger, UpSideUp, Sail'In Control)
- Data reading on the NMEA2000/NMEA0183 displays and devices via the TensEazy Gateway
- Factory calibrated - typical accuracy < 0,5% of maximum working load
- Exceptional autonomy: more than 90days typical continuous working @ 1Hz (45 days for small units)
- Wirelessly rechargeable battery
- Fully waterproof
- Long-lasting device
The range:
- eSense.TB 1/4" - BL: 1.5T
- eSense.TB 5/16" - BL: 2.8T
- eSense.TB 3/8" - BL: 3.6T
- eSense.TB 1/2" - BL: 5.8T
- eSense.TB 5/8" - BL: 9.0T
- eSense.TB 3/4" - BL: 12.9T
- eSense.TB 7/8" - BL: 17.8T
Other models on request.

Please contact our sales team to discuss your requirements

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