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CKM - Canting Keel Manager

CKM - Canting Keel Manager

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The CKM solution main unit, dedicated to the canting keel control


CKM(Canting Keel Manager) is designed for monohulls with a canting and/or retractable keel, operated by an hydraulic or an electric system.

handles the keel safely,
secures the vessel in case of capsizing or loss of the keel,
manages automaticaly the tacking sequence,
integrates optimal keel angle data compared to the heel,
records the history of manoeuvres and events, and delivers a usage report,
enables a manual, semi-automatic or automatic keel control.

System description:
CKM main unit
unlimited remote control panels connected on the busCAN
CKM ControlCenter software as an extra. Ethernet connection.
Keel angle sensor, limit detection and hydraulic pressure sensors
Hydraulic or electrotric power used


6 output relays for actuators
7 Analog inputs for sensors
5 digital inputs
3 PWM outputs for proportianl solenoid valves
2 busCAN-NMEA inputs
Data and events record
Tacking sequences coded
9° of freedom sensor integrated
4 push-buttons to control directly the hydraulics, independently of the electronics
Simple and fast programming of features and specific modus operandi
Low electric consumption

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