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TenSeaZy - Load measurement

TenSeaZy - Load measurement

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The load measurement easy


TenSeaZy is a convenient solution for load measurement of the running rigging. Data are sent by LE Bluetooth and read continuously in real time on an Android application. It is very easy to set and use on smartphones and tablets.

TenSeaZy is available in two versions :
- TenSeaZy First which allows the reading of the instant, maximum or average load coming from one or several sensors.
- TenSeaZy Advanced allowing the data recording and synchronization with the information coming from the nav instruments.

TenSeaZy is a product designed for sail and rigging manufacturers. But other fields of applications are possible: industry, tests, handling, sports, ...


TenSeaZy First :
- Load measurement from 1 to 6 sensors
- Remote display : current value, Maximum and Average value during the sequence
- Wireless transmission : LE Bluetooth - 30m range (for information purpose)

TenSeaZy Advanced :
- Idem First version
+ Display of wind, heel and speed data
+ Data transmission from nav. instruments using NMEA 183 or N2K
+ Synchronized recording up to 10Hz

All Ocean Data System wireless sensors can be used :
- TEPSS range : T20LCW - T30LCW
- ECB-LP - ILSense - Loadlink
- Loadpins
- Fibre optic transducers WLPI
- Any analogue sensor connected to our analogue to LE Bluetooth module

Documentation :



TenSeaZy TEPSSLCWLKW Price List 2022.pdf