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TEPSS LKW - Wireless load link

TEPSS LKW - Wireless load link

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A range of wireless load sensors for textile to textile link


- Ultra-compact - Ultralight device
- Quick and easy set up
- Designed for soft (textile) attachments
- Logs on automatically to your smartphone or tablet via the provided TenSeaZy app
- Data transmission on all Ocean Data Systems ECUs (TenSeaZy logger, UpSideUp, Sail'In Control)
- Transmits data to your existing displays or electronics thanks to the TenSeaZy N2K Gateway
- Factory calibrated - accuracy < 0,5% of maximum working load
- Exceptional autonomy: more than 40days typical
- Wirelessly rechargeable battery
- Fully waterproof (no vulnerable entries)

To discuss your requirements please contact our sales team.


3 standard units:
- LKW06 - Workload 600Kg - Breaking load 1000Kg
- LKW20 - Workload 2400Kg - Breaking load 4000Kg
- LKW60 - Workload 6000Kg - Breaking load 9000Kg
- LKW120 - Workload 12000Kg - Breaking load 20000Kg
Specific capacities available on request

Mechanical attachment end options :
- webbing, loop or lashing
- Strong adhesive tape: PROTect Tape LoopX®

Material :
- Sensor body: Titanium

Wireless transmission :
- Bluetooth®
- Up to 90 metres range
- Extensive configuration : One or many TenSeaZy sensors to one or many display/processing devices

Environmental :
- IP67 rated
- Operating temperature range : -20° to +60°C

Autonomy :
- @ 1 sample per second 14.25bits : 42 days
Depeding on user's selected transmission settings : frequency from 0,1Hz to 10Hz + standby mode and resolution from 14.25 to 16.75bits
- Second optional battery doubling the autonomy for LKW5 and LKW10
- Wirelessly rechargeable battery

- Long-lasting device
- Refurbishable in our workshops
- Zero waste until its end-of-life

Documentation :



TenSeaZy TEPSSLCWLKW Price List 2022.pdf