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UpsideUp Master

UpsideUp Master

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UpSideUp Main unit with extended features and advanced control


An 'à la carte' configuration for cruising or racing multihulls.

The UpSideUp Master's version offers an access to all the available functions of the UpSideUp solutions and the possibility of specific features developed on request.
This version enable an advance control on the system thanks to the UpSideUp ControlCenter software.
The UpSideUp Master's main unit integrates a powerful processor and lots of input-outputs possibilities, to manage numerous complex functions at the same time without affecting the reactivity of the system.

If the functional capacities of UpSideUp are important, the architecture and the general design of the system allow to keep user-friendly, whatever the project or the level of complexity of the chosen solution.

Standard functions
Anti-capsize - heeling and nose-diving limiter
Control of the strength in the rig and the sheets
Management of critical situations (MOB, collision, shallows, wind gusts)
Multi-alarm management function
Flooding detection
Data logging
And much more


6 relay outputs for the actuators
7 analog inputs for load sensors
5 digital inputs for quick release buttons or sensors
2 busCAN - 1 NMEA - 2 RS232
Wireless remote control or sensors receiver
2 trigger's profiles (2 thresholds levels determined by the user)
Management of the tacking situation "windward"/"leeward" and the sail context "upwind"/"downwind"
UpSideUp events and data logging
Full set of trigger thresholds
9° of freedom sensor or inertial navigation system
Manual control panel
Low power consumption

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