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UpSideUp Super Yacht

UpSideUp Super Yacht

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The UpSideUp main unit dedicated to super and maxi sailing yachts.


An 'à la carte' configuration for sailing maxi and super yachts.

The UpSideUp Superyacht version offers an access to all the available functions of the UpSideUp solution, with extended development possibilities for customs applications to control automatic processes and command electric equipments and hydraulics.

The UpSideUp SuperYacht main unit can be installed flush and is compatible with the design of the super yacht command desks.

This version allows an advanced control of the system thanks to the UpSideUp ControlCenter software.

The UpSideUp SuperYacht main unit integrates a powerful processor, lots of input-outputs or extensions possibilities, and multi-processors treatment. The functional capacities of this solution are endless.

Standard Functions:
Monitoring and control of the loads in the rigging
Anti-capsizing - heel and nose-diving mimitor
Remote and centralized commands for hydraulic and electric devices
Man overboard management
Management of critical situations (collision risks, shallows, wind strengthening)
Multi-alarms management
Flooding detection
Advance data logging


Wireless remote control and network sensors receiver
2 release profiles (2 levels of thresholds defined by the user)
Management of the tacking situation "windward"/"leeward" and the sail context "upwind"/"downwind"
Powerfull datalogger
Complete user settings and possibility to lock some parameters
Simple and fast applications, features and specific modus operandi programming
9° of freedom sensor or inertial navigation systemintegrated in the main unit
Manual control panel
Sensors network, remote control panels and displays
Integration of the UpSideUp functions monitoring with some supervision solutions already on the market

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