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Actuator to release a rope remotely


The BCam is a pneumatic actuator allowing the release of a sheet or a rope by a remote control.
It is an element used usually for the functions requiring the release of the sails of the UpSideUp solutions.
It is generally installed behind a winch which supports the sheet load.

The BCam is built from a Harken Cam-Matic Offshore 280 from which it inherits the mechanical characteristics.


Available in 2 sizes: for ropes from Ø06 to Ø16mm and ropes from Ø14 to Ø24mm.

BCam Std
Working load: 227Kg
Dimensions: L85xl38xH35mm
Weight: 350g
Service pressure: 3 to 10 bars

BCam Wide
Working load: 227Kg
Dimensions: L91xl81xH48mm
Weight: 420g
Service pressure: 3 to 10 bars

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