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Mast Load Sensor

Mast Load Sensor

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Mast foot part with an integrated sensor to measure the compression


Depending on the project, we can offer 2 solutions to measure the mast compression:
Adaptation of an existing mast foot part by integrating a sensor adapted to the dimensional and structural specificities of the part.
This option is dependent on the material of the part and on its dimensional characteristics.
Design and production of a specific mast foot part, with an integrated sensor, according to the original plans given by the rigging engineers.


These sensors are produced on request and are designed according to the specificities of the project:
Material: stainless steel 17.4PH or Titanium
Output signal: 0-10vdc, 0-5vdc, 4-20mA, mV/V
Power supply: 8.5-28 vdc or 13-30 to vdc
Protection: IP68