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flooding detector

flooding detector

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Sensors network to detect flooding onboard


We propose sensors' network on which sensors of presence of water are connected, for the UpSideUp function of flooding detection.
Other types of sensors can also be connected to this network for other UpSideUp features.
The sensors used are reed relays, activated when the float is moving, but other technologies can be integrated to the network.
The network can support numerous sensors. It is very light and its electric consumption is very low. It can also carry of the power to feed certain sensors or other peripherals.


Network Characteristics:
Twisted pair shielded cable AWG24 ( no power to peripherals): diameter 2.7mm, weight 15g/ml
Twisted tierce shielded cable AWG24 (power to peripherals): diameter 2.8mm, weight 17.5g/ml
Break of line detection
Possibility of multiple branches (multihulls)

Sensor characteristics:
Compact design
Reed relay contact
N/O or N/C configuration
Power: 600-1000mA max
Dry contact output