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ControlCenter CKM

ControlCenter CKM

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CKM ControlCenter software


The CKM ControlCenter software is an important element for the ergonomics, the monitoring and the configuration of the CKM solution. However, it is optional. The CKM main unit can thus work in a autonomous way and allows the commissioning of the system although the procedure is not very easy.

ControlCenter Fonctions:
Real time graphical visualization:
- boat heel
- the position of the keel compared to the max position, to axis of the boat, to optimal angle,
Visualization of the data and the states of functioning,
Advanced configurations of the processes, commissioning,
Management of the keel angle polar graph,
Data, events and manipulations logging,
Access to the report of functioning: time of uses of the system and the hydraulic pump, the number of manipulations, tackings, etc...
Keel manipultation's command


Windows compatible
Ethernet link with the main unit

Documentation :