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Simple and multi-drivers cables

Simple and multi-drivers cables

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Ocean Data System offers a large range of wire and cables that are frequently used in very sharp fields like the aerospace, car industry, armaments, or military electronics, and adapted to the sea environment (electronic supply, data bus, sensors).


This type of ultra-light, resistant and reliable cables is now on board of most of offshore racing boats:

High mechanical strength and abrasion resistance
Reduced diameter, ultra light
Very good coefficient of friction, facilitated soldering
Excellent resistance to chemical agents and to corrosion


Drivers: tinned copper (very good conductivity, even oxidized, better resistance in the oxidation)
ETFE Sheath (EthyeneTetraFluorEthylene)
Temperature Range: -55° to +150°
Indicative possible current:
AWG24 : 4A
AWG22 : 7A
AWG20 : 11A
AWG12 : 40A

Some available references:
Cab_112n Single white lead - Unshielded - AWG12 3.00mm²
Cab_114n Single white lead - Unshielded - AWG14 1.82mm²
Cab_116n Single white lead - Unshielded - AWG16 1.34mm²
Cab_118n Single white lead - Unshielded - AWG18 0.93mm²
Cab_120n Single white lead - Unshielded - AWG20 0.60mm²
Cab_122n Single white lead - Unshielded - AWG22 0.38mm²
Cab_212b Twisted pair - Shielded - AWG12 3.00mm²
Cab_218b Twisted pair - Shielded - AWG18 0.93mm²
Cab_220b Twisted pair - Shielded - AWG20 0.60mm²
Cab_222b Twisted pair - Shielded - AWG22 0.38mm²
Cab_224b Twisted pair - Shielded - AWG24 0.25mm²
Cab_320b Twisted 3 wires - Shielded- AWG20 0.60mm²
Cab_322b Twisted 3 wires - Shielded - AWG22 0.38mm²
Cab_324b Twisted 3 wires - Shielded - AWG24 0.25mm²
Cab_424b Twisted 4 wires - Shielded - AWG24 0.25mm²
Cab_624b Twisted 6 wires - Shielded - AWG24 0.25mm²
Cab_624n Twisted 6 wires - Unshielded - AWG24 0.25mm²
Cab_C174 Coaxial cable RG174