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BOHLKEN Westerland Barograph

BOHLKEN Westerland Barograph

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This is a compact high precision barograph with NMEA–data output - designed for ‘fixed’ use on boats.


The barograph is resistant to shocks or ship movements in high waves. No need to change the barograph paper in rough sea !
The power supply for this instrument can be between 9 and 35 volts DC. Switched off, this instrument continues to store the pressure data up to 12 months using the batteries. The internal memory (256 KBits) can store pressure data of the last 28 days, with a time resolution of 5 minutes. Temperature is also recorded. All data from the barograph (pressure history of the last 28 days) can be transferred to a PC running under Windows 95 upwards via the RS232 data cable (supplied).
Software can be downloaded for free in order to display air pressure, and other data.
All data is sent according to NMEA at a rate of 4800 baud per second – the data format is compatible with (R) Maxsea.


Air pressure range: 900...1080 hPa
Linearity: better than 1 hPa
Resolution: 0,1 hPa
Power supply: 9...35 VDC
Current consumption: 10 mA (backlight switched off)
Data output: NMEA compatible 4800 Baud
Dimensions: L 155 mm x H 92 mm x D 65 mm (6.1 x 3.6 x 2.6 inches)
Supply tension display: 0...40 VDC / < 0,1 V resolution
Battery operation time: 12 months
Memory: 256 KBit
Battery for switched off mode: 2 Mignon cells AA UM3 available worldwide.

3 possible screen colors : white, green or blue
Available with or without USB output.