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B&G Halcyon 2000 Compas

B&G Halcyon 2000 Compas

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The Halcyon 2000 compass is a high performance electronic fluxgate compass. It is designed to connect to H3000 systems through the B&G Fastnet network. The compass has the ability to ‘learn’ the magnetic effect of the vessel on the compass and automatically apply deviation corrections. Gimballed Fluxgate sensor for accuracy at all normal angles of Heel. Simple, accurate AutoSwing calibration. Connects directly to H2000 network.


Construction Moulded ABS
Height 104 mm \ 4.1 in
Depth 75 mm \ 3 in
Length 111 mm \ 4.4 in
Weight 0.2 kg \ 0.44 lbs
Power Supply 12V nominal (10 - 16V) vDC
Power Consumption 50