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B&G H2000 Function Display

B&G H2000 Function Display

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This is the standard system display, and every Hydra 2000 must contain one NMEA FFD. The Standard FFDs and the other display types are options with which the system can be expanded and made even more powerful.

The FFD simultaneously displays two functions. Any system function can be called up on any FFD and can be placed on the system, all with full control of the Hydra 2000.
The NMEA FFD contains a NMEA interface which allows your Hydra 2000 System to be connected to devices such as position fixers, autopilots, chart plotters and radars, etc. from different manufacturers.


Hydra features:
• Faster, more accurate data than ever before
• Heel and trim input to wind calculations
• Speed over ground (SOG) as boat speed input
• Keylock, prevents accidental key presses
• Apparent wind angle, apparent wind speed,
measured wind angle and measured wind
speed calculations