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ODLight Compact

ODLight Compact

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Standard navigation light with external driver


ODLight is a complete range of compact and extremely efficient navigation lights. It combines reliability and lifespan of LED technology with the advantages and luminosity of traditional lamps.

Very low power consumption
You will not hesitate to switch on your light when the night comes. The consumption of an ODLight 3 light set is until 11 times smaller than a classical 3 25W light set.

Advanced power supply
The uniform level of intensity which has been specifically designed for these lamps fits perfectly many light configurations. The wide range of DC inputs can be connected to 12 or 24 volt and is protected against overvoltage.


The most powerfull existing led lights
Two levels of light intensity
Centralized supply
Low profile light housing
Head up or down
The tricolour lights have a windex light

Possible sector combinations
Tricolour + anchorlight + Strobe Light
Tricolour + anchorlight
Bicolour red and green
Bicolour red and green or green and white
Unicolour red, green or white
Anchorlight + Strobe Light
Top light
Other possibilities on demand...

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