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Outremer 5X : Wildling


SEAIR, 2016

SEAIR, company with both an engineering department and a design office dedicated to the foils, contacted Ocean Data System to better understand the "flying" boats, by using our knowlegde to collect and store data, depending on the foils used on the projects Moth with Foil and Mini 747.

CKM on IMOCA 60'

CKM on the Vendée Globe 2016 starting line

CKM (Canting Keel Manager) is designed for monohulls equipped with a canting keel, operated by hydraulic or electric system.
Despite the new one-design rules, 7 skippers, out of the 29 racing the Vendée Globe, are using CKM or the previous system Keel Control to manoeuvre their keel:
Maître coq, Comme un seul Homme, MASCF, One planet One Ocean, SMA, Bastide Otio, Great American IV.

Ultim trimaran Macif

Trimaran 100' "Macif", since 2015

François Gabart and his team trust Ocean Data System to develop custom functions on the UpSideUp equipments installed onboard this outstanding trimaran.


740S, Two Oceans Marine shipyard, Du Toit Yacht Design, 2016

Built in South Africa, the Open Ocean 740 Performance Cruising Catamaran is a functional sailing catamaran that has been designed with a tall rig, carrying a large sail area, and a deeper keel and rudder to offer better-than-average levels of performance.
To monitor the rigging efforts, 2 load cells have been integrated to the shrouds, along to a complete UpSideUp system.

Dragonfly 28S

Dragonfly 28S, Quorning Boats ApS shipyard, architects: J. Quorning and S. Olsen, 2016

This cruising trimaran can go faster than 20nds, however it can be sailed single handed.
To increase his safety on board, the owner has installed an UpSideUp system with "man overboard" management, including a Jonbuoy and individual beacons.

Outremer 5X

Outremer 5X, Outremer Yachting shipyard, architects: VPLP, 2016

Distinguished, fast, fluid, reassuring, the 5X is the new flagship of Outremer Yachting, and it has been awarded "European Boat of year 2013" by the journalists of 11 countries.

Several boats of this series have onboard an UpSideUp system, like the #14, launched last spring, with a complete UpSideUp solution installed, including the MOB option and management of the autopilot, along with the standard anti-capsize function.

Gunboat 66' & 62'

Gunboat 66' & 62', Gunboat shipyard, 2015

Racing or fast cruising catamarans with foils, the 66' exceeds 30nds in top speed and flies with 20 nds of wind and a flat sea.

The UpSideUp system has been chosen to increase the crew's safety onboard those outstanding boats.

HH66' #01 & #02

HH 66', Hudson Yacht shipyard, architects: Morerelli & Melvin, 2016

This catamaran is made for fast cruising in a luxurious environment.
The solution UpSideUp integrated on board manage the efforts into the rigging and acts on the Mainsail in case of exceeded threshold.

Different industrial applications...

2015-2016 Projects

Ocean Data System products are used for different industrial applications: the TEPSS for a remote release, or the NDR and its data recording function for expert reports ...

Prince de Bretagne Maxi 80 trimaran

"Prince de Bretagne" Maxi 80', since 2012

Ocean Data System is in charge of all the electric, electronics and computing equipments on board; a complete UpSideUp system has been installed as well, with custom functions to answer the skipper expectations.

Atlantic 47 MastFoil™

Atlantic 47 MastFoil™, Alwoplast shipyard, architect: Chris White Designs, 2015

Built in Chile, this Atlantic 47 MastFoil™ is the 7th of this series. The owner has chosen to increase safety onboard by installing an UpSideUp easy main unit, linked to 2 TEPSS (remote shackles) acting on the booms when heel threshold is overtaken.

So What - Rêves de Luxe

Trimaran "So What", Mer & Composites shipyard, 2015

Trimaran built for fast cruising and charter sailings (available on "Rêves de Luxe" website), crew' safety has been improved with personal beacons linked to the UpSideUp system, on top of the usual functions, like the sheets release when the heel angle is over the predefined threshold.

Vitalia II

Vitalia II, Multiplast shipyard, 2015

To transform a racing legend into an unltra-fast cruising catamaran, here is the challenge raised by Multiplast shipyard. Of course, the boat was weighed down by 20 tons with the platform transplanted at the back of the main beam, but the boat can still reach 20-25 knots of speed.
To secure the rigging, the efforts are measured on 7 different points and analyzed thanks to UpSide Up solution, before being visible on a remote screen at the steering position.

ñ53 trimaran

ñ53 tri, McConaghy Boats shipyard, architect: Bañuls Design, 2015

A truly fast cruising trimaran optimized for safety, speed, single-handed cruising.
Priority design considerations (in order): safety, speed, max reliability, ease of maintenance, least complexity.
A complete UpSideUp system has been installed onboard, with improved functions for this specific trimaran!

Lucas 40' trimaran

Lucas 40' trimaran, architect: Paul Lucas, 2014

Trimaran designed for family cruise, this Lucas 40 has an UpSideUp Easy main unitinstalled onboard, along with electronics to receive regular and complete forecast files: the choice for safety and serenity while sailing. Fair winds, "Sesame"!

Oman Sail MOD 70

Trimaran MOD 70 "Oman Sail", 2014

To increase skipper's safety when single handed, an UpSideUp system has been installed on board the beautiful VPLP design, before the 2014 "Route du Rhum".

Ultim trimaran Sodebo

Ultim Trimaran "Sodebo", 2014

Thomas Coville is the skipper of this oustanding trimaran, and Ocean Data System developped custom functions and adapted the UpSideUp system before the "Route du Rhum" 2014.

Rapier 550

Rapier 550, Broadblue Catamarans, architect: Darren Newton, 2014

A new look at fast cruising, the Rapier 550 brings together an incredible combination of high performance, high specification and radical new design.
With its self tacking headsail, powered reversing winches, and all controls at the enclosed helm, the 550 is perfect for single handed or shorthanded sailing, especially with an UpSideUp system installed onboard.

Alibi 54'

Alibi 54', Alibi Catamarans shipyard, 2014

The Alibi 54 ' is a fast cruising catamaran, easily sailed singlehanded and very comfortable at sea. #3 of this series embarked an UpSideUp system to complete its safety equipment before its world tour.

Sunreef 114'

Sunreef 114', Sunreef Yachts, 2014

This outstanding luxury 114' catamaran, built by Sunreef Yachts, has onboard a complete UpSideUp system to monitor the rigging (12 measure's spots) to control in real time all the efforts, on top of the standard functions.

APC 78'

APC 78', Green Marine shipyard, architect: Nigel Irens, 2014

This catamaran has been designed to combine racing and cruising characteristics on the same unit.
The complete UpSideUp solution installed onboard has been improved with the function "mast rotation" when jibbing.

Spindrift 2 Maxi Trimaran

"Spindrift 2" Maxi Trimaran, since 2014

On this trimaran of multiple records, safety is essential to the team: the UpSideUp main unit has been linked to the personal beacons of every crew member and Jonbuoy, as well as a direct connection with the software Adrena for a clear visualization of the course to follow for an efficient MOB recovery.

Sunreef 80

Sunreef 80', Sunreef Yachts shipyard, 2013

The boat is designed to reach easily the cruising speed of 15 knots but he can also sail up to 20 knots. To secure the rigging, sensors have been placed in the shrouds, the fore stays, and the foot of the mast; all the data are processed by the UpSideUp Super Yacht main unit, and visible via the Control Center on the main computer screen.

MC² 60'

MC²60, McConaghy shipyard, Bañuls Design architect, 2014

This boat is a luxury catamaran with high-performance. An UpSideUp system is installed to increase onboard safety, especially with the custom function "double triggering on mainsheet and jibsheet, lateralisation for traveller/genaker sheet"...