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MACIF - New 24h Record

2017 November 15

Trimaran Macif Latest news : François Gabard has beaten his own 24 hours record !
Since 2016, he held the 784 miles record for the distance sailed alone during 24 hours. The record is now 851 miles !!! The skipper skills combined with a good weather and an equipment of high level technology are the reasons for such an achievement : more sleep and more peace of mind.

Our UpSideUp solution is designed to make sure you get the best performance from the boat safely. The more skippers are confident and the boat under control, the more we succeed in our goals !

2017 METSTRADE marine equipments

2017 November 10

The METS is still the world's largest marine equipment trade show. This year again, Ocean Data System has improved the UpSideUp range with new features and accessories to meet the clients expectations. Whatever your project, an UpSideUp solution will fit your boat to increase safety onboard!

Mr. Lassègue will attend the show over the 3 days. You can already contact him to book an appointment on his email address, or on his mobile 0033.661.002.823.

Transat Jacques Vabre - Ocean Data System heavily involved

2017 November 06

Ocean Data System maintains its position as a solution provider for offshore racing. Our products equip most of the boats on the Transat Jacques Vabre, with 7 UpSideUp systems installed on Multi50 and Ultim classes, and also CKM on few 60' IMOCA for the control of the canting keel

Great references for our team

Record around the world: The trimaran MACIF has chosen UpSideUp

2017 November 03

The maxi trimaran MACIF at high speed around the world.
Thanks to François and his team for the renewed confidence in Ocean Data System and UpSideUp solution.

Beyond the safety aspect, this is a major asset for the performance and the good management of his navigation and the trimaran driving. Our system functions such as anti-capsize, regulation under autopilot, monitoring, flooding detection and Man OverBoard will be a great added value to help François to surpass the record of Thomas Coville.

Ciela Village : the new multi50' trimaran equipped with UpSideUp

2017 November 04

Intensive preparation since its launch on October 4th at Port La Forêt. The team of the new Ciela village has won the first race against time to be ready for the start of the Transat Jacques Vabre Saturday, November 4.

There is of course an UpSideUp system on board of the trimaran on which the two skippers, Thierry Bouchard and Oliver Krauss, can rely on to take advantage of the boat's great performance.

HH Catamarans on the Cannes Boat Show

2017 September 11

The outstanding HH66 #1 will be shown on the Cannes Yachting Festival this September. This beautiful catamaran is made for cruising, offering lots of space, but sailing fast as well, as modern materials and technics have been used to build her.
The equipment onboard has been chosen from the most efficient on the market, and the Hudson Yacht shipyard chose Ocean Data System to reinforce security onboard by installing our UpSideUp system on this HH66 serie.
Three commissionings have already been done including the boat which will be presented in Cannes.

Free Tutorials for TZ Navigator V3

2017 April 14

To meet their customers expectations, and allow them to optimize their navigations, MaxSea decided to create a catalog of tutoriels. Free and unlimited, videos are organized by theme and by chapter. Accompanied with a TIMEZERO expert, deepen your knowledge and discover all the possibilities the new functions of the software TZ Navigator v3 will offer you!

Vendée Globe 2016-2017

2017 March 13

The finish line has just been closed, and the 2016 Vendée Globe has been fantastic as expected: a great race for some, a tremendous aventure for others, a few tough moments for all of them, but above all, some dream for the ones who stayed ashore...
Congratulations to all the skippers, and see you in 4 years time!

Jérémie Beyou - Maitre Coq arrived on the 3rd place on the Vendée Globe

2017 January 26

Congratulations to Jérémie Beyou for this tremendous 3rd place!
Despite technical problems and thanks to his tenacity, he was able to lead a remarkable race, finishing first of the former generation boats, with onboard the CKM installed for his quanting keel.

News from ODS

2017 January 24


January is often the time to look back to the past year and to plan new projects for the year starting.

2016 saw the increasing awareness of Ocean Data System, particularly abroad, with the growing presence of our UpSideUp solution, highlighted by our new web site.

2017 will see innovations and developments, with diversification’s opportunities towards new markets and our range’s extension, ... as well as a will to set up a new strategy adapted to the increasing success of our offer of products and services.

Our commitments in terms of quality, reactivity and permanent innovation encourage us to strengthen our organization for our customers’ satisfaction.
We make it a point of honour to deserve your confidence.

We wish you a year rich in opportunities and encounters, with lots of enjoyable and serene sailings for 2017!

Ocean Data System is also on the Vendée Globe!

2016 November 07

CKM (Canting Keel Manager) is designed for monohulls equipped with a canting keel, operated by hydraulic or electric system.
Despite the new one-design rules, 7 skippers, out of the 29 racing the Vendée Globe, are using CKM or the previous system Keel Control to manoeuvre their keel:
Maître coq, Comme un seul Homme, MASCF, One planet One Ocean, Bastide Otio, Great American IV.

Fair Winds to all skippers!

New ODSpot

2016 August 11

The range of deck projectors ODSpot evolves.

Always in a concern to offer its customers the best products integrating the latest technologies, Ocean Data System updates the ODSpot range:
The new drivers (supply modules) allow the use of the ODSpot on applications requiring big cables lengths (super yachts masts) without using additional filtering modules. They also offer multiple possibilities of control on the luminous intensity (dimmer).
The last generations of LEDs is integrated in the ODSpot for a better brightness and less heating.

The new ODSpots range is more efficient, but keeps the same outside aspect and the same dimensions !

New Record!

2016 July 05

Even if the weather refused to François Gabart the record of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, still detained by Francis Joyon in 5 days 2 hours 56 min and 10 s since June 2013, the skipper and the "MACIF" Ultim trimaran brought down another quite new record: the longest distance traveled in 24 hours in trimaran, with 785 miles, so more than 32 knots of average on Sunday, July 3rd, a few hours after its departure of New York.
Crazy speeds that Thomas Coville on the "Sodebo" trimaran had achieved too on the 8th ofJune, by improving the previous record with 718,5 miles traveled in 24 hours, 29,93 knots of average!

The Transat Bakerly. The winner is François Gabart.

2016 May 11

8 days 08 hours and 54 minutes, it is the time François Gabart needed to cross the finishing line of the Transat Bakerly race with his trimaran MACIF; the race even looked like a regatta as Thomas Coville, on his trimaran SODEBO, always stayed in the contact: he conceded only 10 hours. Congratulations!

These Ultimate trimarans, with their potential of speed, were able to fetch ideal conditions following a southern course, reaching speeds of more than 35kts, with an average speed of 22kts.

The UpSideUp solution, installed on both first Ultimates and most of the multihulls of oceanic races, contributes, as many other elements, to the level of commitment the skippers involve in this type of race. Except their high qualities of sports sailor, they know how to surround themselves with an irreproachable technical team, make the good choice of equipments and to use them (the equipments) in an optimal way. No doubt that the safety which the UpSideUp brings and the stress which it makes a little less omnipresent, allow them to push back the limits and to hold those stunning performances on such distances.

Congratulation to François Gabart and Thomas Coville for this beautiful duel through the Atlantic Ocean and for their phenomenal commitment.

The winner said:
“I believe that it is the hardest thing which I’ve ever made in terms of commitment. It is very demanding, up to the end. I’ve never involved myself so much physically...
I do not know how long I will need to recover from it, but it will take time. I am not able to sail two races like this one in one year!”