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ILSense - load sensor

ILSense - load sensor

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Load sensor for cables with thread / tap ending


The range of sensor IlSense is intended to measure the load on the rigging cables equiped with thread / tapped endings (Cables ECSix and Navtec)
It is the ideal solution to measure the load on cables maintained by lashing and not systems of chainplate / turnbuckle.
The sensor is provided with a thread extremity and with a tapped extremity and fits between the parts thread and tapped of the cable endings.


The ILSense sensors are produced upon request and designed according to the cable and project specificities :
Material: stainless steel 17.4PH or Titanium
Workload: according to cable specs
Breaking load: according to cable specs
Dimensions and weight: depending on the type of sensor
Characteristics threadings: according to cable specs
Measure of effort's range: depending on the type of sensor
Output signal: 0 - 10 vdc, 0 - 5 vdc, 4 - 20mA, mV/V
Power supply: 8.5 - 28 vdc or 13 - 30 vdc
Protection: IP68

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