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UpSideUp ControlCenter

UpSideUp ControlCenter

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Software for the monitoring and setup of UpSideUp


The UpSideUp ControlCenter software is an element important for the ergonomics, the monitoring and the configuration of the UpSideUp solution.
It is delivered as standard with the Master's and Superyacht's versions.

The functioning of the UpSideUp main unit is not dependent on the software availability.

Control Center main functions:
Real time monitoring on the system variables.
Visualization on a graph of the measured values and the defined thresholds values.
System's configuration, and modification of the user parameters for the activated functions and the operating profiles.
Recovery of logs from the UpSideUp and NDR main units.
Access to the history of the UpSideUp events.
System's administration at the user level and manager level.
Management of the user events recorded by UpSideUp and NDR.


Windows, MacOS, Linux compatible
Ethernet link with the main unit
Can be installed on the navigation computer or on a dedicated computer.

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